The new Whiteline lowering springs for the GT86 are developed and manufactured in Europe, the high quality materials and coating match the high standard of R&D that result in perfect fitment and zero installation issues. The Whiteline springs are engineered for optimal balance with the Toyota OEM (and aftermarket) shocks.
Here’s a short comparison of the lowering springs, prior to installing the Whiteline kit I was running the Eibach Pro-kit:

 - Drop: Front 25mm, Rear 20mm
 - Spring Rate: Front 3.6kg, Rear 4.9kg
 - Drop: Front & Rear 25mm
 - Spring Rate: Front 3.0kg, Rear 4.1kg
Don’t get me wrong, the Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs are great and the difference from OEM to Eibach are night and day. With the recent addition of the Whiteline anti-roll bars, the Eibachs worked well but perhaps the handling and suspension combination is firm everywhere. 
With a choice to move to Whiteline, I consulted the team to find a happy medium where I could feel the suspension work more progressively, and the result is for a slightly softer spring rate to work in tandem with the anti-roll bars to strike a balance between the comfortable daily drive and full sends.
The new Whiteline adjustable lower control arms (LCAs) for the GT86 are 1.72 kg each and are of a stamped steel design. These adjust via the cam bolt for in-field adjustment versatility rotating it can adjust the varying degree of camber, which you’ll see later on. It’s funny, I always wanted new rear LCAs on my cars even when I had the Civic Type R, but it was more for looks than the adjustability (call me vain!), and now I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a set.

As I get the LCAs, I’m informed on how special these arms are. Yes, they have SPC stamped on them, but what makes them different to the others? Look closely at the bushings.
If you’re wondering, Whiteline’s synthetic elastomer bushings consider the quality of ride at lower speeds, and at higher speeds they react under cornering, accelerating and braking all in aid of chassis control and improved handling. It’s their bushing technology and patented design that really sets these items apart from the rest. I seriously couldn't wait to get these on!
However, it was the new front roll centre adjusters/bump steer correction kit that I was really interested in checking out. Whiteline Performance UK say that this is an absolute must for lowered cars and seeing that I have the Eibach springs without this kit, I’ll be moving on to their performance lowering springs matched with the bump steer correction kit.
This kit is designed to correct the roll-centre geometry using Whiteline’s specially engineered ball-joints and tie rod ends. Raising the front roll-centre will mean that you get monumental increase to front roll resistance and a significant reduction in suspension compression of the outside front wheel during cornering. This results in a more even weight distribution and improved tyre contact, ultimately improving the front end grip and cornering speeds.
Forgive me if I’m wrong, but from what I recall, if you use lowering springs you’re effectively lowering the car’s suspension, resulting in the parts which were set up for OEM specification are now being pressed out of position (just a slight angle). These roll centre adjusters/bump steer correction kits effectively re-aligns the suspension to maximise the full potential of the lowering springs’ intended purpose. This is something I have to test and find out.
So it was back to the garage to get the Whiteline parts fitted. Firstly it’s off with the wheels and a quick inspection before the real work can begin. A typical trait and a good habit to have from the team at Dream. Time to get the suspension off the car to change over from Eibach to Whiteline.
Next up were the Whiteline front roll centre adjusters/bump steer correction kit. Disconnecting the front control arms is required for this, as the ball joints will need to be forced out of position to make way for the new Whiteline ones. In with the new, the team records the number of turns to remove so they can fit the new kit in to as close as they could to match the original setup.
Finally it was time to have the rear LCAs fitted before the GT86 hops over to the other side of the garage to have its alignment done.
And it was done, a great day’s work as always at Dream Automotive, so let’s give the car a quick shakedown to find out if I can really feel all the differences.
On initial feel, there is a noticeable difference with the Whiteline performance lowering springs compared to the previous setup with the Eibach. With the lower spring rate, the normal driving feels more comfortable, I imagine the anti-roll bars also play a part in overall handling, but the bumps feel more gentle, the springs and dampers soaking up the crevices on the road.

The steering feel has improved tenfold, I literally cannot get over this… it’s like a new car! These roll centre adjusters/bump steer correction kit seems to have worked magic with the suspension setup and it just feels so brilliant. Previously, the car felt brilliantly composed and assured everywhere, but to me it may have felt a little harsh on normal driving. Don’t get me wrong, it was a brilliant setup before and perhaps many other would like it, but I really do prefer this. I suspect the roll centre adjusters aligning the front of the suspension has given the springs the optimal potential to work with the dampers which has made the steering feedback precise. When I genuinely thought it wouldn’t get any better… this happens. I am utterly mind-blown.
What’s more, the difference in the ride height is noticeable in the rear of the GT86. I was so used to the fractionally raked setup with a -25mm drop to the front and -20mm to the rear, but having -25mm all around is a whole new look for me.
While it’s now a levelled drop, 25mm lower than the OEM setup the car doesn’t feel compromised at all; I’m not scraping on bumps and ramps even with the back lowered a fraction more than before. I’ll need some time to get used to how the rear end sits now, but overall I’m extremely happy with how the car feels.
On a spirited drive, the car feels so calm and composed. It inspires confidence and the newfound potential felt in the steering feedback really does put a smile on your face. The lowering springs, anti-roll bars, braces, bump steer correction and control arms all work in conjunction with each other to produce a consistent ride with a real progressive feel. With normal driving, the car is soft and the ride is smooth. Push it hard and it’ll work with you, resulting in so much communication between car and driver, and a much more precise driving experience. The #GripActivated motto is really working!

But what about pushing it to the point of breaking traction, drifting? Powerslides? Well… 🌚 You will not believe the level of composure this car now has, it doesn’t put you in any state of panic one bit but rather, it talks to you, reassuring you with a ‘you got this’ handling feel, resulting in what would be a 3-5 second situation feel like you have a whole minute to correct your steering. It’s fantastic, just fantastic.
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