Our previous catch up was back in 2020, 3 years ago where social distancing was enforced and not much was happening in the car community. Fast forward to the present, Phoebe and Poloy have made some progress.
As we chat about work life, personal life and everything in between, Golden Hour descends on us and it was the perfect opportunity to grab a few portrait and detail photos.
The car still sounds good and now it has visual upgrades to boot. Fresh new GTI headlights and Bola B15 wheels in bronze gives a great contrast to the black, while the overall stance is more aggressive with coilovers (soon to be tucked), Stage 1 tune we discussed a while back is now done and the rear spoiler and window tints complete the ensemble.
It looks good, sits well, drives well and sounds great. So much of Phoebe's modifications and upgrades was a desire to make her her own, to put her own stamp on Poloy.
We finished the day with a classic photo of ours; a nod to our very first shoot together with a power pose from both Phoebe and Poloy. Her proud beaming smile shows that cars are still our therapy. 
I'm sure there will be more upgrades for Poloy, this time we won't make it another 3 years later.
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