Poloy is Phoebe's first and very much treasured car, a 1.2-litre TSI SEL offers a more classy interior trim and 17 inch alloy wheels as standard. To make it her own, she's added coilover suspension with staggered spacers to compliment the stance while the rear is de-wipered and finished off with a custom 2.5 inch cat-back exhaust system.
So what's next for Poloy?
"New GTI LED headlights and tail-lights are coming soon and in the future I’d like to put an R400 front bumper on with a splitter and slap a bad boi spoiler on the rear - hopefully by the end of 2020"
Phoebe and Poloy are not sponsored by Biffa.
It's always great to meet such a like-minded individual with a genuine interest in the car scene, no doubt amongst the aforementioned plans for Poloy, a Stage 1 remap is on the cards to unlock more potential.
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