The next product tested from Amplify's range is their Shampoo, one of the most vital products for any wash routine. This is one thicc boi gel-like shampoo which surprised me as I'm used to a very watery substance when it comes to shampoo products.
Just like the Amplify Snow Foam, this is safe for use on waxes, sealants and coatings.
This foams up well in the bucket and is highly lubricated over the mitt and bodywork. As a result, this provides a smooth feel as you wash the exterior surface and reduces the chances of marring, lifting the dirt off with real ease.
The smell of this shampoo isn't fragrant but it isn't horrid. Amplify's shampoo focuses on the task at hand, rather than make it a flavour enhancer to the car.
I'm surprised with how easy to use this shampoo is, cleaning power is great and the lubrication makes the washing experience super simple. As a proper shampoo wash should be, little/no weight should be applied when gliding over the bodywork and this lifts off the dirt and grime really well.
Another one for the collection: Amplify's shampoo works well, a little can go a long way but as mentioned further down the blog, you can add more shampoo for a more concentrated wash. I er, may want a 5 litre verion...
Directions for the Amplify Shampoo:
1. Rinse vehicle well with water to loosen dirt. For best results use Amplify Snowfoam first as a pre-wash.
2. Add 2 squirts to a 20L bucket of water.
3. To build up foam in your wash bucket, agitate well manually or with a hose/pressure washer.
4. Using a wash mitt or pad (sponge if you're a brave soul), thoroughly wash all panels of the vehicle top down.
5. Thoroughly rinse to remove any remaining residue.
Handy Tips: 
- The dirtier the vehicle, the more shampoo should be used for extra cleaning power.
- In a rush? Try the Amplifly Shampoo in a foam lance!
Quality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of use: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Size: 500ml
Price: £9.99
Link: Amplify Shampoo
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